Warranty Information

At CustomCabinetSupply.com we manufacture and ship high quality wood products nationwide. Since our products are made out of wood, they can be susceptible to warps, twists or cracks if not treated or handled properly in a timely manner. For this reason, claims on any order or material discrepancies must be made within three (3) days of the delivery date of an order and prior to any hinging, hanging, sanding, finishing or any other alterations. We understand that mistakes happen and will try hard to work with you if any of these circumstances arise. Please remember to always measure twice and double check your order before it is placed. If you have any questions, please Contact Us prior to placing your order. 

Custom made cabinet components must have written approval from CustomCabinetSupply.com prior to return. Upon approval, doors must be returned in their original condition for inspection. We will provide shipping instructions upon approval. Any item that has been hinged, hung, sanded, finished or shows signs of exposure to moisture, heat or sun; job site neglect or modified in any way shall be deemed accepted by the buyer and void any warranty.

Any products outside of standard sizes such as solid panel drawer fronts ordered to be used as a panel, or over 15” in height, will not be covered for damages including warping and/or twisting in any way.

Our wood products are of the highest quality, but wood products can warp, twist or crack within twenty-four (24) hours of delivery if not treated or handled properly.


Limited Warranty

Doors, drawer fronts, and drawer boxes within our maximum or minimum sizes are warrantied against warpage, delamination, swelling, twisting, or cracking by the manufacturer for one year, when given reasonable treatment.

Reasonable treatment requires that doors and drawer fronts:

  • Be stored in areas not subject to abnormal heat, cold, dryness, humidity, salt or direct sunlight.
  • Not be stored in freshly plastered buildings or damp and humid open areas.
  • Not be subject to extreme moisture (bleaching, etc).
  • Not be subject to impairment of structural strength when fitting or applying hardware.
  • If ordered unfinished, be finished on front, back, top, bottom, and sides with an equal amount of finish, as soon as possible, to aid in the prevention of unequal absorption or release of moisture. This is particularly important with Maple product as it is prone to moisture absorption, especially in areas with humid conditions and in the winter.
  • Thermofoil (RTF) doors and drawer fronts are not recommended in any area where temperatures will exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit. It is recommended to use a melamine filler between all heat sources and the cabinet.


Warranty Reminders:

  • A warp or twist of 3/16 of an inch or less is not considered a defect. Twists are measured by placing the face of the door against a true plane surface.
  • Any requested variations from our normal construction specifications are not warrantied (e.g. reducing thickness of panel).
  • Doors and drawer fronts must be inspected upon receipt by our customer.
  • All Warranty claims must be inspected by an authorized representative prior to applying finishes or taking corrective steps.
  • Using finishes that are old or that have not been mixed correctly (too much water content in both water or lacquer based finishes) may cause uneven finish when applied to areas with putty and cannot be warrantied.